Augmenting Real Estate with Augmented Reality

Augmenting Real Estate with Augmented Reality

VR and AR have been on the mind of nerds for a long time. And now, thanks to them, they are coming soon. As we challenge the old notions of reality, companies are sprouting up to take their shot at revolutionizing various industries.
One such industry is Real Estate. With Real Estate, there is much emphasis on real, physical presence. While VR provides a complete departure, Augmented Reality projects to be more relevant to the industry. Below are the ways that Augmented Reality can change the industry:

The End of Blueprints

Paper? Ew!

The designing of a home take some architectural planning. Then you add interior design planning, and you have a few spaces ripe for revolution. Planning that requires visualization in the mind for what could be, can now literally be visual.

Why pore over a paper or digital outline when you can get inside it? Why obsess over proportion when you can expand or contract it with your hands? When mixed with the advent of 3D Printing of houses and AI, house and building creation become a truly seamless process, with no stops along the way.

Especially when needing to be creative within a plain space, interior design also taxes the mind's ability see what can be. With AR, designers can create much more nuanced aesthetics. With technology, things can get cheaper and things can become enhanced. This would be an example of the latter.

Feaux Decor

One of the most impressive building from Jean Nouvel.
Your own lair?

But what about making things cheaper? The nicer things in life can be harder to get, being subject to supply and demand. Besides further streamlining the build process, with augmented reality, reality itself is in the eye of the beholder.

If we all saw through an augmented reality lens, the look of high end materials could be reproduced by the program, while something of similar texture and weight takes its place in physical reality. How about the look and light of a chandelier you never need to clean or worry about falling on you?

We could be surrounding by nice "things" without needing to worry about cost or about how rare a certain Persian rug is. You could have a huge flat screen TV showing you a movie that is just projected from your lens and held proportionally in place to a certain location and dimension on your wall.

Change the color of your rug or the pattern of your kitchen counter, just by switching out the previous in your Home AR program. You could also have celebrities in the house and virtual parties. With the nature of reality up for grabs, so much more becomes possible.

Going Places is So Yesterday

From your "front door"

Think of all the people you have to meet in the process of purchasing your property. For trips and conversations not made obsolete by apps, you still have to take time out of your day and drive there. You are at the behest of the laws of time and space.

For agent and mortgage consultations, you could schedule for one to appear in your home through your AR lens and have everything done from your couch.

What about vacation homes? Wanted a house in Barcelona? How about next to the Parthenon, back in Ancient Greece? On the moon? Just look out your "windows"!
Whether its meeting people without actually going to them or enjoying places without going there, you can be more productive or more lazy.

However you like.