How to Make More Out of Smart Homes and IOTS

How to Make More Out of Smart Homes and IOTS

It seems that Smart Home technology is falling short of what people imagined it could be. Wireless locks, automated blinds, app-activated security, digitalized fridge inventory are all interesting but are really just extensions of their original purpose. The smart home still kind of feels like a regular house.

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When we wonder on the possibilities of the Smart Home, what comes to mind is the orchestration of technologies and platforms that extends further than the confines of the house, and not just with an app. While setting your lock or thermostat from the road is impressive, the possibilities of the Smart Home should be able to go much further. But how?

What is there besides a device Smart hub for physical home devices?

What is needed is another layer, another platform. Smart Hubs are a start, but are ultimately limited to inspiration from the devices within. A digital layer that could include management of the Smart Hub would open up the possibilities more commiserate with what the future should look like.

What would these capabilities look like?

This digital platform could connect to social. Imagine your house knows from Facebook that someone coming over the house is a friend and enjoys Spanish culture and Salsa music. When he or she comes over, the lights and music change according to your guest's tastes automatically. It could ready itself for a party.

With sensors, the platform could allow the house to adapt to its environment. In response to a rain forecast, the roof opens a water collecting mechanism. Seismic shifts prompt the house to adapt for minimal damage. Unknown people sneaking around the house brings an alarm or shutdown.

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Combine the platform with artificial intelligence and you have a virtual assistant with far more capabilities than Alexa, and embedded with the house itself. With AI and the digital platform, new ideas for products and services would arise.

These are but a few examples of what is made possible by a middle layer in which the devices and their hub can be embedded. Then we may finally see what movies portray of a home 50 to 100 year into the future.