We Will Match You To Your Dream Home

REAI is the AI agent for you and your real estate agent

Personalized match score on each house
Heatmap for future trends projection.
Quick Match to dream house
Smart guidance on offer, closing
personal analysis &projection
REFAX thorough property report

How it Works

Move In Your New House

We will help you analyze your needs, project potential trends of yours, and match you to properties based on current most appropriate.


and future trends with PRICE/CRIME/NEIGHBORHOOD projections? look no further, click here to get the thorough refax report!

We curate advanced property data reports to help you make your decision!

REAI vs Other Real estate websites
We match you to best matching house You have to manually search for properties
Heatmap w/ future trends on price, crime, etc. Provide limited trend info.
Easy Personalized interaction Limited personalization
REFAX thorough property info &report Limited personalizationREFAX thorough property info &report
Listing info & limited background info with Smart guidance onto tour, offer, closing Limited tools on transaction to help you & your agent through the process

With our platform, it’s easy to go on home buying journey!

REAI streamlines sales pipeline for agents, reduce workload and boost sales