REAI – AI Guide to Your Real Estate Journey

Welcome to the New Era of Real Estate

We are on a mission to enable a seamless and stress-free real estate business for agents, homeowners and buyers.

What we value

Best Efficiency

We utilize our proprietary and the most cutting edge AI technologies to provide the uttermost efficiency for everyone in real estate process – be it home remodeling, renovation, analysis, recommendation, projection, sales, offering, document processing, transaction, mortgage etc.

Dream home and life for everyone

We guide homeowners in their journey to remodeling, renovation, decision to hold, rent or sales, refinance. We guide buyers to their dream home, and meet their needs. We help elevate agent to new heights in business.

Work reduction and boost sales for all

We guide homeowners, agents, and buyers to streamline transactions and maximize sales benefits for all.

For brokers, industry MLS groups, and professionals, we support all enterprise needs through our partnership with Ocusell to streamline the listing, offering, and transaction process, boost sales & reduce workload.

No more 8 to 10 every day, with REAI you do better business with 10-4!

Meet the team

Co-Founder &CEO

James Wang

James is a veteran technology business executive as well as innovative real estate leader, he has developed cutting edge artificial intelligence applications in various industries.



Mark Lesswing

Mark Lesswing is ex-CTO of NAR and ex-CTO of T3Sixty, he is a veteran real estate industry leader, and has guided the technology development of industry for decades.



Ryan Perry

BS from Stanford Engineering &MBA from Harvard, veteran business operation and growth leader, with leadership experience in eBay, TiVo, Zoom, etc


Advisor/Strategic Partner

Chris Tamm

Chris Tamm is a seasoned leader with 25 years of experience in various executive, founding, and board member roles with a diverse background in real estate, growing and operating companies, AI, and automation


Advisory Board

Marlon Williams

Founder at Starter Labs, Atlanta Blockchain Center

Danthika Borst

Real estate broker, super agent, seasoned industry expert

Dr. Fang Wang

PhD in Computer Science from Yale Univ., ML and AI guru

Our Partner

REAI partners with industry leading property listing technology company Ocusell (, to provide our proprietary AI features and advanced machines learning technologies in Ocusell’s new property listing platform, thus supporting enterprise groups including brokerage companies and MLS groups with our uniquely advanced AI capacities, and elevating their listing capacities to new heights.


REAI is bringing innovative AI technology breakthrough into real estate industry with unique AI products that can boost industry and help consumers, professionals with super efficient transaction process.

REAI’s AI engineering is the top & unparalleled in the industry.

REAI provides unique AI products& services to real estate industry and users.

REAI’s AI technologies including its video tagging/compliance can solve real compliance problems for all.

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