How REAI works!

REAI is the AI agent for you and your real estate agent

Have a house in mind, want to find full background info with details, and future trends including price, school, crime projection ahead?

Click on Middle of page "Get REFAX Report" button to obtain REFAX report of the property that will address your needs.

Want to find out our unique features compared with others or an overall highlight?

Please see the bottom of the home page.

New in town, and looking to buy an ideal property to live?

Search no further, simply enter the name of the city or town you move to, or the zip code you like to live in.

You will be taken to the next page where the matching properties are displayed in a list according to matching score, this include the list of properties on left, and the map on right which point to the property in map where you are pointing to in list on the left.

The matching are done based on your personal style, needs, inclination and the future trends we project you are heading to, so the more you use the platform, the matching will be more personalized and fitting. On the top of this matching list page, there are profile categories fields, where you can enter your profile information; and if later you feel differently, you can always come back update afterwards.

Underneath the profile fields, there are two feature button, first one enables you to change the map to price heatmap. where you can see the property inside a map with color variations, the darker part signifying that price in this area is going up, with the degree of darkness signifying the comparative level the price will go up; and lighter area is going up less or even going down, depending on the degree of lightness. Similarly the crime heatmap will signify the crime trends of the property, the neighborhood and the whole area going forward.

When you click on a particular one property you like from the list, you will be taken to the next page which is the property detail page, here you can view the details of the property you picked, images, analysis, with unique information on crime, school, and restaurants we provide, as well as the capacity to request a REFAX report from us of the property, You can also view Comps of 3 similar properties like this property. And on the right side of the page underneath the property images, you have the capability to rate, favorite, bookmark the property, leave comment/message and questions (to your agent, or to system and we will help you on that if you don't have agent), as well as request tour of the property, and make offer on the property. For these above features, you will need to log in to be able to provide your feedback and comment, and further if you request a tour or want to make an offer, you need to have an agent with you.

If you do have an agent, please let us know your agent name and ID, we will make sure you two are linked here and can easily process needs and communicate. If you don't have an agent, our system will match you to an agent, and notify you to go to the next step. The system will also ask you whether you have a mortgage pre-approval letter from a financial institution before matching you to an agent, if you do, you will need to upload it here and we will forward to the agent.

If not, we will provide a 3rd party mortgage service providers to get a pre-approval letter for you accordingly per financial situation. And here after you log in, you will be taken back to this page, and you can click on whatever the action feature buttons as desired, either leave comment or question, or rate it, bookmark it, favorite it, or request tour, make offer. After you have good knowledge of the property, and would like to make an offer on it, clicking on the making offer button will lead you to the offer page

Now at the offer page, you can review the analysis and projection we provide on this property, message your agent for further consultation, and enter your offer amount here. After which, you will be notified here with messages and updates of your offer, as well as notification and updated on all rejected and accepted offers, counteroffers when applicable. If your offer is accepted, the details will be provided here, and you can execute the purchase agreement contract, and click on Go To Closing to proceed on to next page of Closing.

In the Closing page, you will be able to manage the mortgage, inspection, title report, insurance, closing scheduling, and communicate with your agent to complete this process, as well as manage post closing needs.

On the left side of all these previous pages, you will see top four graphic icons, signifying matching list, detail, offer and closing pages of the purchase process, where you can click on to go to individual steps. Underneath the four major icons, there are three small icons, signifying My Actions, My Messages and My Houses to follow, where you can click on to go the 3 sub pages for these specific needs.

After logging in, You can also always click on My Dashboard to go to your Dashboard, to see the highlights of actions, messages, following houses, and new updates, and can also click on each highlight section to go to see a the separate page on your messages, houses to follow, your action.

You will also see an icon Agent view on the top right, this is for Agent usage which agents can click and go to views for them.